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What is Cable Internet?

Cable internet can also be referred to as broadband internet. This type of internet access uses the same infrastructure applied by cable television. Cable internet access provides the end-user with the network connectivity from the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

It is way faster than the standard dial-up internet. The other concern with broadband internet is that it will always be on as long as the modem is still hooked to the cable.

When searching for a cable internet provider, it is important to search for providers based on your zip code; because coverage may very depending on your location, even within the same service area or city. Good news is, even if there is no cable internet provider available, there are likely other options such as satellite, fiber and DSL services available. We help you compare your options and chose the best provider for your needs.

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How Does Cable Internet Work?

Cable internet functions via transmission between two points. Normally, this would be between a subscriber cable modem and the cable modem termination system. When these two points are connected, a subscriber can utilize internet services on their device. Usually, cable internet will be transmitted via a designated television channel by a cable service provider.

The provider utilizes the space offered by a television channel to transmit their internet data. A cable signal gets to a recipient through a cable modem. A cable modem is a box placed in your home for internet connectivity. It facilitates the downstream and upstream transmissions. 

The small box is connected to a coaxial cable from the ISP that transmits the data and it is usually outside your house. The connection to the cable modem activates internet service where the end-user enjoys fast internet services on their computer.

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Cable Internet Pros vs Cons


No Land Line
It does not use a phone line. That means you are always online so no dial-up fee.

Higher Speeds
Faster internet as compared to other broadband internet services. These may be like satellite, DSL, and dial-up.

Great for Heavy Usage
Supports data-heavy activities such as gaming. Cable internet will give users a high-quality playing platform with amazing graphics and real-time experience.


Slower Speeds in Peak Time
These cable lines are connected to the TV lines meaning that speeds will slow down when TVs are highly used.

Limited Availability 
Limited availability. Cable internet is not readily available everywhere, especially in rural areas.

Cable Internet service can increase after the promotional period ends, especially if bundled with TV

Cable Internet Speeds

Back in the days when the internet was still a relatively new term, cable internet providers offered internet services with speeds of around 0.5 Mbps. Fast forward, times have changed and the speeds are super high with increased connectivity for end-users.

Drastic improvements in the network and connectivity technology have called for development of high-speed cables. Currently, cable internet is among the most common high-speed internet providers. The connection speeds are nothing short of 20 Mbps at the very least and up to maximums of 1000 Mbps.

Cable Internet Providers in your area
Cable Internet Services start at the building and travel to the antenna. From the antenna, signal is distributed to each subscriber, with the subscribers closest to the antenna having the highest speeds.

Bundling TV with Cable Internet

Several cable companies offer bundles that entangle both the Internet and TV. While some customers may see this as a viable option, the truth is it may be stressful if you do not want the basic internet service. Bundling has its pros and cons. Of course, it will save you some cash by the end of each month but for someone looking for specific internet speeds and packages, it may not be ideal.

The bundles are already predetermined so you have to go with the internet speed provided in the bundle. That could inconvenience you if you are looking for something specific like high internet speeds. However, if you are only using the internet for basic services like Facebook and Gmail, a TV and cable bundle should sort you out effectively. It will be cheaper than going for the stand alone plans.     

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