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What is Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet is a form of wireless internet that involves three dishes. The three dishes are located strategically: one at the premises of the internet service providers, one in your property and the third one in space. On top of the three dishes, there are cables running from the dish in your property to your modem.

How Does Satellite Internet Work?

Satellite internet works such that the internet service provider sends signals to the dish in space, which then relays the signals to the dish in your property. The dish in space acts as the intermediary of any communication between you and the internet service provider. When you download something, the dish in space sends your request to the ISP’s hub, the ISP then responds by sending signals to the space dish which relays it to you. 

List of Satellite Internet Providers

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Satellite Internet Pros vs Cons


Satellite internet can be installed even in areas that lack telephone lines.


Compared to dialup and DSL, satellite internet is faster. The speeds could go up to 10x to 35x. This makes it suitable for a home or office space with several users. Multiple devices streaming at the same time will not affect the speeds and stability of the internet. 


Compared to other internet options like cable and DSL, satellite internet is expensive. 

Signal paths are affected by weather
The signal paths for satellite internet are affected by bad weather and you may not be able to get a stable connection when there are rainstorms or wind.  

Is Satellite Internet right for me?

Satellite internet is ideal for you if the area you live in does not have options such as cable and DSL. If there are many users, satellite internet would also be ideal.

What is the best Satellite Internet (HughesNet Vs. ViaSat)

What makes HughesNet the most favorable satellite internet option is the fact that it gives you amazing speeds for a lower price. Via sat, on the other hand, may have a cheaper package than HughesNet offer. However, you will have to trade this for the speeds: the download speeds are only 12 Mbps

Final Take

The right satellite internet will depend on your budget and your internet usage needs. With the insights on the pros and cons of using satellite internet, you will be in a better position to choose a service that meets your needs.your area to confirm availability. 

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