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DSL Internet?

Today, the internet does much more than just connecting computers. Businesses, people and lives are connecting today, thanks to this concept. The internet is a source of information, business networks and also a social platform. The importance of the internet in our lives today cannot be overstated. It is why you need to identify the right type of internet for your home or office. DSL is one of the options your business, school or home can benefit from. 

How Does DSL Internet Work?

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. With this kind of internet, you can get high bandwidth from an existing telephone network, through a phone wall jack. Note that the telephone wires carry hundreds of thousands of frequencies. However, telephone communication only uses a few thousands of the frequencies. This, therefore, makes it possible for a DSL modem and telephone to work simultaneously. The two work within different frequencies such that you can use the internet, while using the telephone at the same time. 

There are two types of DSL internet. Symmetrical DSL has an internet that offers equal bandwidth for download and upload speeds. Asymmetrical DSL has more downstream bandwidth compared to upstream bandwidth. This is the most common type of DSL technology. 

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DSL Internet Pros vs Cons


The major advantage of DSL internet is its availability. Remember that it is built on existing telephone lines, which makes it more accessible compared to other forms of internet. The fact that it is widely available also makes it pocket friendly, as the effort put in installing it will be less.

DSL internet is probably the most affordable option in the market. The prices for satellite internet and broadband can be pretty steep.

What makes DSL reliable is because every subscriber gets a dedicated circuit. Traffic or high demand on the service, your speed will not be affected. This makes DSL a stable internet service. 


Limited Speeds
There are not many drawbacks of this internet service. The main problem with this internet connection is that it is not the fastest available. However, for its cost, you will get a good connection. Also, the internet is distance-sensitive. The closer you are to the central offices, the better the signal and speeds.

DSL Internet FAQs

How Fast is DSL?

DSL internet offers download speeds of between 5- 35 Mbps. The upload speeds within the range of 1-10 Mbps. 

When is DSL a Good Fit?

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable internet connection, then DSL is an ideal fit. If you live in a house where there are no several devices streaming at the same time, then you will enjoy this connection. 

Is DSL Faster than Cable?

Since cable has more bandwidth than DSL, it is faster than DSL. The internet connection can be about two times faster. 

How do I install DSL Internet?

DSL installation is pretty easy. Remember that the service comes through a telephone network. Telephone line often have two wires, one for voice and the other one can be used for DSL. The DSL wire is connected to a DSL router, from where you can connect your devices to get internet.

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